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Diabetic diet - any suggestions?

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Posted to Thread #29252 at 10:42 pm on Dec 5, 2016

My husband was pre-diabetic but his number hit 205 recently. His doctor said if it was still there 6 months from now, he'd be officially diabetic. We went a short class at Kaiser for pre-diabetics but it left a lot of questions about actually fixing meals that aren't plain and boring. Kaiser doesn't have a follow-up class for nutrition for diabetics.

We've cut back on bread, using thin slices sometimes; fix eggs; oatmeal with walnuts, non-fat greek yogurt, berries and walnuts. More soups. Arguing about whether my vegetarian chili is ok, is butternut squash soup ok, etc. We're eating more veggies and chicken. My husband's answer is to simply eat less and he is losing weight, but the meals aren't balanced at all, which concerns me that this could lead to nutritional deficiencies.

This comes on top of a hard year for other problems. Can you recommend a good cookbook or two?

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