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Diabetes help

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Posted to Thread #29252 at 4:30 pm on Dec 7, 2016

My Dr brought the eyesight of a diabetic back, so I have learned a lot from him for my husband.

First the no's: until a diabetic is healed no:
rice, grains, no fruit except peas, no tomatoes, no white potatoes, no white bread, no coconut sugar, no carrots, no corn, no bananas.

Can's....sweet potatoes, sourdough bread, berries, whole wheat flour. SWERVE sweetener, stevia; only Black Hills Gold Source Yacon Syrup....KETOGENIC diet...FAT is the best for diabetics. Only dill pickles.

Now, once in a while I give him Cream of Wheat and use English Toffee Stevia (available at Amazon)....It reminds one of maple syrup. I cook protein powder into the cream of wheat and add a side of bacon.

I buy Red Fife Whole Wheat Flour from BREADTOPIA. I use that in my Berry 'Cobbler'...I use the Yacon Syrup in the pudding.

Regarding the Ketogenic diet...I add cheese to my husband's eggs, use heavy cream in his berry cobbler.

Protein...half your weight in ounces of protein. If you weight 100#, you should have 50oz of protein every day. I use my Dr's protein powder; also for anti-inflammation I use his flax/fish oil (love it) in my husband's chocolate protein shake. That's a good way to get all the protein one needs.

Use CACAO, not cocoa. CACAO has no sugar. I use this in a chocolate pudding with avocado in the food processor. If you'd like the recipe, just ask.

As I've added more fat to the diet (cheese on salads, etc) his numbers have been getting better all the time.

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