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Richard in Cincy

American German Restaurants

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Posted to Thread #29350 at 3:48 pm on Jan 10, 2017

Yet again, another American city that touts their German heritage has been exposed as tourist kitsch with bad impersonations of "German" food. My home town is #1 on this list (Visitor: where can we find good authentic German food in Cincinnati? Me: my house.).

So now I'm here in Fredericksburg, Texas where the American misconception of German food is holding full court: drown it in vinegar, then bury it in sugar. ACK!

The sauerkraut was inedible (straight out of a can), the red cabbage hurt my teeth there was so much vinegar in it, ditto on the potato salad.

I should know better than to keep trying this. I quizzed the server on how things were prepared, I was assured that all was authentic. Never mind he'd never been to Germany to try real authentic German food.

OK, rant over. But just curious, are there any cuisines you know very well, and can't stand to eat them in American restaurants?

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