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Backward Braising....a new technique by Fine Cooking

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Your braise meat to tenderness first, then brown in a hot oven. They say you can skip the step of messy searing on the stove which can cause burned fat leaving an off taste. The method creates a broth in the pot which means you do not have to add stock. It preserves more of the meat juices in the pot compared to the high heat of searing, which causes the released meat juices to evaporate. After it is tender, you turn oven to 425 and cook meat still in the broth until the exposed surfaces is deeply browned, flipping once The feature a recipe for chile-rubbed beef chuck roast. Slow cooking followed by a blast in the oven creates tender meat with an appealing crust, all without searing! I cannot wait to try this.

It is funny that close to the front of the magazine they are featuring a recipe for slow cooker short ribs done with the usual method of braising.

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