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Michael in Phoenix

No matter what the ethnicity of the cuisine, it truly depends on the talent of the cook.

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Posted to Thread #29350 at 9:14 pm on Jan 10, 2017

I love to eat food representative of major world cuisines. The list is long and varied, and though I'm no Anthony Bourdain, I've enjoyed some of the best, and worst, of just about all the "majors".

The best German food in Cincinnati is at Richard's home because he not only cares about authenticity, he is a good cook to boot!

My Tante Friedl was as German as it gets. Born in Magdeburg and lived most of her life in Augsburg, Bavaria. LOVED to eat and cook, but she was, how you say, not good. Terrible cook.

Her daughter and her husband took us all to their favorite countryside restaurant outside Augsburg when I was visiting. Had the Jaeger Schnitzel plate with Spaetzle and Red Cabbage. Pure heaven! All of it!

We have a neighbor from Mexico who loves to cook and share food. It is practically inedible. We know a Mexican restaurant in south Phoenix run by a local family. The line is out the door and the clientele are nearly all Mexican families. Food is authentic and off the charts good.

Authenticity is nice, and when considering true ethnic food it is mandatory. But a good cook, authentic or not, is what makes the experience satisfying.

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