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This brings to mind what happened yesterday. I shop at a local health food store for certain items

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and have often noticed their deli. So yesterday I checked it out and bought two sandwiches and a small potato salad for our lunch.

the potato salad was the most terrible I have ever had. It was totally tasteless, potatoes were still crunchy. I grabbed salt first, did not help, then a mix of herbs. I could not get past the crunchy potatoes.

The garlic parmesan roll was dry and tough, and the thinly sliced beef was chewy, so much so that a few bites I did not want to swallow. The super thinly sliced cucumbers, and avocado disappeared in the sandwich and the Havarti got lost. I was furious to have spent money on this poorly made sandwich and salad. Never again will I use that deli. We still have one sandwich left and I am waiting to see if my husband goes for it. If not, it will get tossed.

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