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Have you tried using an eye dropper for the rose and orange blossom water? (more)

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Posted to Thread #29374 at 6:04 pm on Jan 19, 2017

I have actually used eye droppers for certain extracts. Some of them are just too strong. I have some Fiore de Sicilia which is SUPER strong and have installed an eye dropper on THAT bottle--it is great in frosting for cinnamon rolls, but is sooooo strong. For the vanilla extracts I have been using, I use an eye dropper if making small amounts of hot chocolate.

I also like one or two drops of vanilla in a pitcher of tart lemonade or limeade. Seems to soften it just a bit and makes is seem sweeter. Cannot use too much though as it back fires and can taste just weird.

You might be able to tolerate the rose/orange blossom water if in smaller amounts. You might want to try making a tiny amount of very loose powdered sugar and water "drizzle" type frosting, add a couple of drops of rose or orange blossom and then try a tiny bit on a cookie to see how you like it; that way you won't ruin the whole batch.

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