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As one who is an organizer and has to live that way or my brain does not work

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When we remodeled our kitchen, my contractor, who grew to know me well, installed on each side of my cooktop, revolving spice racks which are connected to the door of the cabinet. When I pull open the door, the spices come out to me. I have two large revolving racks and the spices are alphabetized. Just today, I was reaching for my Oregano, and it was nowhere to be found. Threw me for a loop as I was making the Zucchini Gratin just recently posted. Although, the recipe calls for fresh, it was pouring rain and I did not want to venture out to the herb garden. So, I improvised and decided on using Tarragon. Later, I went looking for my dried Oregano and found it on the side which houses the first part of the alphabet. I also have two large pantry, pull out drawers full of spices which are alphabetized. These, I do not use as much as the ones on each side of the cooktop. Then there is the drawer full of those little bottles of "free" spices and herbs that Penzey's sends you each time you order. Sometimes I get two or three free ones. They have their own drawer, and I hand those out to friends and neighbors who are interested in the world of cooking, but lack a supply of the herbs and spices. I started doing this over 50 years ago, as a young bride. We lived in a small apartment, with little space, yet every time I made a recipe which called for a new herb or spice, I bought it. You must be organized when you live in a small space, so glad I kept up with the habit, even with a larger casa.

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