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Lisa - LA

I see where you are coming from. However, I would love and pay for that service occassionally,

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for two reasons:

1 - I love making dinner very night, but there are some nights where I do not have the time to do the prep and that would be the deciding factor in what is showing up on my table - something more labor intensive, or the "fill in the blank simple go to" that I usually do, or take out.

2 - I would rather choose my own produce and have it freshly cut, instead of buying the packaged prepared produce. It seems those are more prone to food-born pathogen contamination.

It does sound a bit obnoxious on the surface, but if it is getting more people in the kitchen, and more home-cooked meals on the table to share and enjoy, I say go for it!

On a side note, I was really saddened last week when I was leading my students (2nd graders) as part of a social studies discussion and found out that only about a third of them eat dinner as a family on a regular basis. I know it is tough as a working parent, but that has always been something we do as much as possible. I was quite surprised to hear from some of my students that they rarely eat together with their family, even on the weekend.

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