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Great, easy soup and no doubt delicious. Lucky kids! All these little things

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we do for our kids seem to go unnoticed, we think. Later in years when our kids started talking about their childhood, they brought up so many things, little things just like this soup. One memory that our youngest son remembers, and one I love hearing him talk about, were the times I drove him to the local sawmill about a mile from our house. They would throw small pieces of wood out by their burners on a certain day. I would gather up my boy, and take him to the mill, He would exit the car with his bag and gather up all the wood he wanted. We had a shed in back of our house and he would go there and build things all day long.

One of the funniest stories regarding soup is the one all three of them recall while on an RV trip to Canada, I made a cheese cauliflower soup that turned out awful. They still remember that!

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