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Oooohhh, you get in to Whole Foods with only a $37 cover charge??? Do tell!!!

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Yes, GO has lots of cool stuff at nice bargain prices (fresh produce, deli meats and cheeses, butter and dairy items, canned tomatoes and nuts, artisan coffee, and so much more). We often find great wines there marked down big-time. I've heard there's a contingent of folks who frequent the GOs (the one near me included) that go there with wine key in the car, purchase a few bottles to sample, take them to the car and "taste test" right there in the parking lot then return immediately to purchase more of what they like (one never knows how long a particular desired wine will be available -- they sell out quickly). The "wine guy" at this GO says it's quite the riot to witness and he's often there to guide them in their selections.

Already sampled the porcini salame (interesting spelling which I will have to research why it varies from "salami") and we like it a lot.

Thanks again, Paul for the recommendation. Please share other items you like as well.

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