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Chiming in now that I have regained consciousness......

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Posted to Thread #29474 at 5:40 pm on Mar 11, 2017

Oh my goodness. Glorious hedonism. It was such FUN! Rest of the world, begone for a week! Cooking, laughing, plotting the next dish, drinking yet one more glass of wine or champagne, digging through the cookbooks, cooking, cooking, cooking, baking, trying to regain counter space from underneath the mountains of dishes. Resetting, starting over in the morning. It nearly killed me but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I spent the last week "drying out" from wine and food. My DH didn't even eat anything substantial until last evening (6 days). It was like living in Henry VIII's time only with forks.

Doubt it? Almost 7 lbs butter, 60 eggs, a lb of lard, almost 5 lbs flour, same of sugar, a lb of brown sugar, a 9+ lb slab of beef just for the sauerbraten....need I go on?

Richard and I "met" on Gail's Swap in 1994. The only thing better than having Richard here is having both Richard and Tim here. Both have become close, dear friends. "Over the top" is how I always say they approach cooking and baking. Deliciously and lovingly over the top. I am only sad that Ohio is so far from Hawaii.

As Richard wrote to me: "And now we diet".

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