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So, people dying means nothing to them? Do any of these people even eat the food they put out there

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for the rest of us to consume? What a shame.

My grandfather was from Portugal and he had a small farm. Rabbits, goats, chickens, eggs. I recall when I was little and he was getting his vegetable garden plot ready, which was massive, he told me the animals must always be downhill from the food garden. Our garden was up high, next to the house and the two massive chicken houses were well below. Goats, and rabbits were down further, near a gully area. Rabbits were kept in large coups, and the goats ran free in the sun and grass, and kept the gully mowed down. My aunt also gardened and planted vegetables. The horses were kept down hill from the food, as well.. Of course those small plots were nothing compared to large agra now.

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