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Totally NON-FOOD RELATED insight into Marilyn's Brain

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Posted to Thread #29498 at 12:01 am on Mar 20, 2017

I grew up during the musical confluence of Madonna and VH1 videos so when I tell this little tale remember that Madonna used to perform with a small microphone wrapped around her face during live performances. Check out the link to see what I'm talking about.

Okay. Are we all on the same mental page? Good.

Now I'll reveal a scary example of the way my brain works.

Last week I put on some old clothes and left for a beach walk. Forty-five minutes later, I was driving back home when I looked down and saw this small wire with a pink tip curving up toward my chin.

And MY VERY FIRST THOUGHT WAS: Where did this mic come from???

Of course, we all know it wasn't a microphone because, obviously, I'm not Madonna. What it WAS, however, was the thin, curved steel underwire from one side of my bra, apparently trying to escape the thankless task of holding me up.

And no, I wasn't wearing the bra in the link. That could put your eye out.

So there you have it. This is Marilyn's Brain on...Marilyn. Imagine having to deal with 3 lbs of neurons firing off stuff like this on a daily basis.

It's no wonder I'm tired all the time.


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