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Michael in Phoenix

Yes, I will take ownership of anything I post here. Richard and I have always been friends...

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Posted to Thread #29477 at 7:04 pm on Mar 21, 2017

...and that is what I truly prefer. I have always treated him that way, going back a couple of decades. He and I share a dislike of bullies, and we are both German. We cook. We entertain. We love our families. I've always treated him with respect, kindness and deference. He has returned that in kind.

We do not share similar political views. That does not matter to me, since I don't judge people (as a general rule, judging is simply not my gig) by politics. I have friends of every political persuasion, and we get along fabulously.

That being said, I simply hold the opinion that this forum should be a politics-free zone. There are plenty of other places on the internet machine for anyone who wants to post political jabs. This is, in my opinion, not appropriate on this forum, and I'm not shy about voicing that opinion.

Richard, for whatever reason, moved an "on topic" post into the political realm. If that is what the posters here want, then so be it. We could take a vote and see if the majority of posters want this to become a politically charged forum, or, better yet, it simply is Paul's call.

I can handle it either way! But I prefer this forum remain about food, cooking and friendly, non-political interaction.

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