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Roast it whole, high heat (450) for half an hour then. . .

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turn the heat down TO 350 and cook until meat reaches 160. Let rest a while before lifting off the skin. I usually use a pair of meat scissors to cut through the skin at the narrow part of the roast, them lift off with a knife to loosen the skin. Slice as much as you want and eat with, my faves, mashed potatoes and gravy from the drippings.

You have lots left over? Put it in the fridge and then early the next morning put it in the crockpot, with some gravy; you may need to cut the small bone off of the elbow (narrow) end to get it to fit. The roast can be also boned out and then everything (including the bones if they fit) added to the crockpot. Add a little water to get the gravy liquid and cook on high for an hour then lower to low. In 6-7 hours or so, the meat should be falling off the bone. You can eat this in burritos, use a little in fried rice or egg foo young, put it in quesadillas, pile it on rolls, douse with bbq sauce for hot sandwiches . . .

And remember slices of the meat cold make a nice sandwich on a good bread, with lettuce, tomatoes, your choice of dressings.

You can use the gravy-juice from this to heat up and cook some potatoes, celery, onions and what have you for a stew adding the meat in chunks last, after all the veggies are done. Use some of the meat chunked up and some of the gravy as a chile con carne, with or without beans, tastes great. Shred some of the meat, moisten with a little gravy and use in tacos with all of the trimmings.

If I don't want leftovers, I just invite my family over and * BOINK *, no leftovers. . .

And, upon reading my post--do I have a craving. Local Store has pork picnic roast on sale for $.79/lb. MethinKs I will be cooking pork roast this Saturday or Sunday.

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