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Paul Massell

I should add one note on what I did yesterday. This is something that I also do when roasting turke

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Posted to Thread #29519 at 9:16 pm on Mar 29, 2017

Instead of putting the meat on a rack, after I crisped the skin, I put a bed of vegetables in the roaster and set the meat on it. My veggie mix included:

Onions, celery, carrots, very finely chopped leeks and a small amount of potatoes which I basically threw in because I had them and wanted to add some bulk. I just added a little grape seed oil and pepper and a couple splashes of red pepper sauce to the veggies (not the meat).

The meat I had seasoned with pink salt, garlic, black and white pepper, thyme, oregano and rubbed it into the meat and the scores I'd made on the skin.

The meat got great reviews but I heard something that is rarely said in my house from anyone under 40: "I like the vegetables even more than the meat"

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