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Paul Massell

pretty much anything can grow in NorCal except coffee. If only...!!!

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Posted to Thread #29708 at 7:12 pm on Jun 25, 2017

I really got to appreciate this living in Maine for a few years. Trying to garden was SO difficult. Not just the short growing season but the pests were surreal and I was trying to do it with only natural methods at a time where there wasn't this magical instant information Internet to help.

Our only failure in NorCal was Avocados and an Italian fig. My great-grandfather brought a fig tree over from Italy turn of the century. My grandfather tended that tree for decades in Queens, NY which when he was a kid was farmland. Amazing to think if you are familiar with the area near Kennedy Airport. Since then various family members have planted trees all over the place from cuttings from that tree. Unfortunately on several attempts it would not take at our place. There was something in the soil that it didn't like but a friend of ours who manages some ranches in Sonoma County got some to take on one of the ranches so the legacy continues here in NorCal.

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