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It is really amazing what they have become. I got our kids "something' and they

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haven't used it yet a couple of years ago but the circulator didn't adjust the temp (I think).
I literally had to wait 20 minutes for the water to come to temp, put the sealed bag in (and it doesn't even have to be a TOTAL vac seal), waited for it to come back to temp (so I could turn off the "alarm" that said it HAD come to temp) and then it timed itself. I did have to take it out when finished.
There are some good prices out there so shop shop shop, IMO.
Sally posted some carrots done sous vide and I couldn't see the possible reason for it, but it is SO easy, I'll probably give it a try--and apologies to Sally for pooh poohing it!! LOL
DS did a boneless leg of lamb and I now know how wonderful it must have been!!

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