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Korean Gochujang Basting Sauce: Wow, was this stuff good.

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Posted to Thread #29810 at 12:27 am on Aug 19, 2017

Basic recipe is from "Eat Delicious" from Dennis the Prescott...a photo blogger who--five years ago--learned to cook from Jamie Oliver books at the library. Now he has his own book.

Moving on.

He puts this sauce on baked chicken wings. We had 2 marinated thighs ready to go for dinner and decided to try it out to see whether it was worth wasting wings.

We'll definitely be trying this on wings. And possibly shrimp.

He used this amount for 5 pounds of wings:

1/2 C gochujang hot pepper paste** (** = see my notes)
1/4 C soy sauce
6 TBL pure maple syrup (thanks, Cyn!)
2 TBL rice vinegar (**)
2 TBL fresh lime juice (**)
2 TBL sesame oil
1/2 C butter, melted
4 garlic cloves (**)
1 TBL grated ginger root

1/4 C crushed roasted peanuts (**)
1/4 C slivered green onions (**)
2 TBL sesame seeds
1 lime, cut into wedges
Fresh cilantro

Whisk all the sauce ingredients. Have meat cooked and still hot. Baste with sauce and bake at 425 for 5 more minutes (**)
Add toppings.
Dive in.
Have LOTS of napkins.

So, here are my notes:
We were--to be honest--afraid to use 1/2 C of the hot pepper paste, so our version used 1/4 C. This amount worked out well for us. Happiness reigned in the taste bud region because the taste bud region could still register tastes.
I had no rice vinegar so I used half white vinegar and half Shao Xsing rice wine.
I totally forgot to put the lime juice in the sauce, but we did squeeze lots on the finished product. A MUST for flavor.
Only used 2 cloves of garlic because I'm me.
Had no peanuts so used roasted cashews.
Had no green onions so the dish was monochromatic.

I had already cooked the thighs, then cut slits into them (like tandoori chicken), basted with the sauce and baked for 5 minutes. They looked a little insipid so I basted again and then poured the drippings from the pan over them before adding the toppings.

Will DEFINITELY make this again.

I pulled this recipe from his BOOK. The linked recipe from his blog is slightly different. Maybe the book recipe testers modified it?

PS: The brand of GOCHUJANG HOT PEPPER PASTE that I used is called HAECHANDLE ("#1 sold in Korea"--or so the label says) It's scaled at MEDIUM HOT and I bought it a few years back at the oriental store. It's been sitting in the bottom of my refrigerator since then. Still perfectly fine.


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