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Eclipse report

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Posted to Thread #29813 at 9:38 pm on Aug 21, 2017

Well, let me tell you--it was "something".

We did drive to Charleston Sunday and had a WONDERFUL dinner at an Italian restaurant. EVERY hotel was at capacity. I had made our reservations in June and I knew where (North Charleston) it was but it was CHEAP. And fine. VERY nice people.

Today it was supposed to rain over the entire coast. SO se just started to drive north (to where our beach place is--70 miles from ctown) and decided to just continue to the condo, unload, and then go back south to Georgetown.

We made a circle through Georgewon ( a Wonderufl Revolutionary War ere ttown) and they were win full swing. People were on the sidewalks at 10AM, lots getting ready, etc.

Unloaded our things and headed back. Traffic had really picked up (12noon) so we just pulled into a big parking lot in Georgetown. Perfect. Our kids met a delightful young man who was in full thrall, having driven from Pittsburgh for this. He hung out with us. our DGD was running around. As the "bite" got bigger out of the sun we all got more excited. There were drifting clouds and when it was near totality, we were yelling at them to go away. It just began to get subtley dark--the shadow got longer and the sky blackish gray. It was wonderful to see the sliver get smaller and smaller and then truly when it was total, it was just mystical and magical.

Then as the sun reappeared DD pointed to the ground and there were "shimmers' of sunlight that looked like a river water moving. It was ALL worth everything we did to do it.

The traffic back to our beach place was bumper to bumper--15 minute trip took an hour.

I may have some pictures and I'll share. DS was in Charlotte and was all set to take them also. It was probably 98% there--don't know about weather.

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