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Our experience here in Redding was not so thrilling, We expected somewhere around 85% totality,

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so, it was just like a sunny day when all of a sudden a large cloud drifts in front of the sun. C-Span on TV had the NASA folks and others on to explain a lot. They had a plane out over the Pacific along the OR coast, and they had wonderful information and pictures to show total totality, which was awesome. I enjoyed the science part of it with all the tests many had prepared for years to accomplish, from NASA. to the folks who watch the output/input of the electrical and solar grids. They only had a small amount of time to achieve their goals and it all depended on no one making a mistake, and everything going as planned. It was a fun way to start Monday morning, and hubs and I enjoyed sitting in our family room, relaxing, and the dog was very happy to be there with us both. Too, we enjoyed the way they traveled across the US, showing what other communities saw, what people were saying and doing. I loved that so many teachers had their class out for a field trip, and a lot of them made their own eye protection.

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