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My thanks to *charlie* and Pat in NoCA for reminding me just how much I wanted a *real*

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ice cream machine.

I happened to be searching for one of charlie's cookie recipes and saw an old post where I asked him about his ice cream maker and then I searched and found a bunch of his recipes that I wanted to try. Then sweet Pat wrote that she was quite happy with hers, even if it wasn't used all the time.

To that end, I went ahead and bought the Cuisinart electric machine (there went half of my gift card, but I'm saving the rest for smaller things for me). So far I've made Buttermilk (very good...thanks to Traca for mentioning that one a while back), then peanut butter blended with Nutella, then pistachio, and now fresh strawberry (but actually raspberry with strawberry pieces).


I am seriously happy with this decision. So is Larry, so is the mail man who gets a cold treat in our 95 degree weather and our neighbors.

For twenty years I had a Donvier hand crank with the canister that has to chill in the freezer for 24 hours. It NEVER, and I mean NEVER, made ice cream as good as this. That puppy went to Cor Meth Thrift Shop and was sold by the next day.

I'm enjoying small ice cream cones and that seems to satisfy me.

Buttermilk and peanut butter recipes were from the Cuisinart cookbook (I added some cream cheese to the buttermilk version). The pistachio was from Bon Appetite and the fresh strawberry was from Serious Eats. He makes a puree and then adds chopped fresh strawberries that were soaked in booze and sugar at the end. I already had raspberry puree in the freezer so that went into the base along with the fresh strawberry compote. I have to say, it's some of the best strawberry/raspberry ice cream I've ever had.

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