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No Maria. This has an electric compressor. Takes 50 minutes starting with

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a cold base, but then it's perfect. Some have been slightly soft right out of the machine, but after ripening in the freezer, they're perfect for scooping. The strawberry/raspberry is outstanding. The pistachio would have been perfect if I would have strained out the pistachio meal and just added whole pieces at the end. Flavor is wonderful, but texture is gritty.

I had the base all chilled and waiting for that Amazon Prime delivery and DAMN...wouldn't you know it. Since the mechanism has coolant, it has to sit in an upright position for 24 hours before using.

It has an ice cream dasher AND a gelato dasher. I made the pistachio as a gelato and honestly can't tell the difference at this point.

The only thing I'm finding weird is--toward the last 10 minutes--the churned ice cream hits the lid. Now I would have thought that the people who DESIGNED the machine would develop RECIPES that fit exactly to the canister they've made!


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