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I am particularly enjoying my old-fashioned German cooking groups. Oma did know how to cook and the recipes that passed down are the true heirloom cooking, Stocks cooked for days are the basis of sauces and building components. That is how I cook on holidays.

During the normal week, we eat very simply and healthy. It doesn't take a recipe to do that. A sliced tomato, a chunk of cheddar, a slice of homemade whole-grain rye with good butter, and some peppers or broccoli out of the garden is a normal weeknight dinner at our house.

But when I am in the mood to go spend the weekend in the kitchen, I want fun, challenge, adventure and old-fashioned tortured food. I put together huge baroque 6-course dinners with wine pairings and have shared some of those menus here. I research historical recipes and have replicated the last dinner served in 1st class on the Titanic, the 18th birthday dinner of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, or a dinner at the Hofburg in Vienna. Look at Gourmet's Vienna Cookbook by Lillian Langseth-Christensen. Amazing, authentic, historically accurate recipes to re-create the cuisine of the lost Austrian Empire in your American kitchen. That is what I am about.

The recent discovery when looking in one of Cathy Z's 1900's cookbooks to recreate the Austrian Kaiser Roll in an American kitchen. The recipe was breathtakingly audacious, like no other bread recipe I'd ever tried, and it worked. I am now starting off all of my breads with this hot-water bath sponge technique. There was barely a notice of it. That is the missing spark of kitchen adventure that we seem to be missing these days.

We used to have a lot of amazing and complex heirloom recipes shared here that were so much fun to try. I can go into the kitchen and make nearly anything any one would want without need of a recipe or cookbook as I dare say most of here could. I don't need or want to see recipes for everyday simple dishes that I already know how to make better than any quick internet version.

I also know how to Google, so I'm not looking for someone to Google a recipe just so they can post it. I want someone's old heirloom tried and true recipes when I post a request looking for something.

So that is what I'm missing here from the old days. There were some truly stunning recipes posted over the years. Not so much now.

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