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I appreciate the helpful suggestions from all. Here are the answers to the questions

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I didn't use any different ingredients. I used cold Campbells tomato juice and cold Campbell's consomme. 2 red tomatoes. My ice cube was one of those large ones made from silicone mold, so I thought that would make up for the difference in the ounces. Plain old lemon juice, and I chopped and added the cucumber after all other ingredients were added (missed it on the counter ;)
No deviations or substitutions.

Vinegar used was Cento red wine vinegar. I could see in the Vitamix container before I transferred it to my glass pitcher that the color was off...

Could be an unsolved mystery. Thanks everyone.

Just like family here---sometimes issues bubble up to the surface when you least expect it....I come for the great recipes, stories, trials and tribulations, life, with love and loss. And food...

Since I joined the forum at FK and not Epi, I guess I'm like the daughter in law that married into the family--not knowing what happened years before. :)

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