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Some things are just destined to be mysteries. This might be one of those things. And yes, ...

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...the stuff with Gretchen goes all the way back to Gail's Swap.

It is disappointing and also highly predictable in the sense that every board she attends becomes "Gretchen's Forum", eventually. She posts to thousands of threads, often without reading the post. It is tiresome, annoying and colors nearly every conversation with her authoritarian manner. Those who don't want to deal with her end up leaving.

She cares not what people think, as narcissists only care what they, themselves think.

Frustrating, as I, too, enjoy the wide spectrum of interests and talents on this forum. Unfortunately, when someone behaves as Gretchen does, it keeps others from offering their point of view and threads get abbreviated. It's not that they can't post, it's just that posting on a thread Gretchen replies to will often mean having to deal with her. People just choose not to post, which weakens the exchange of ideas, and eventually many simply leave.

It's not just a rogue family member, in my opinion, it is a forum killer.


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