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Michael in Phoenix

When Epi killed Gail's Swap and we migrated to Finer Kitchens with Mimi, our dear charlie said it...

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Posted to Thread #29835 at 3:16 pm on Sep 6, 2017, may he rest in peace. "I thought this was a Gretchen-free zone!"

She can't be banned because she refuses to bow to the wishes of others, and simply keeps on posting. Narcissists don't follow anyone's rules but their own, after all.

Yes, she has skills. Googling is one of them. She has also been caught copying and pasting stuff she's found on other sites and passing it off as her own knowledge.

Whatever. I don't own this site and I will do my best to ignore her, even as the base of knowledge and participation continues to erode due to her omnipresence and obnoxious manner.

Someday I might even tell you how I REALLY FEEL. ;>}


Human liberty is about courage, dignity, eternal truths, and personal responsibility. Star Parker

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