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Poke Bowl discussion inside

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Posted to Thread #29868 at 3:37 pm on Sep 17, 2017

The "authentic" poke bowls in Hawaii are fairly simple and oftentimes include furikake, sesame oil, shoyu, hot sauce. White rice is always there too- never brown rice. Usually raw good quality Ahi or other local fish, sometimes Tako but as with almost every sort of ethic food there are now a zillion offshoots using all kinds of ingredients. The three recipes you sent links for look like they will be tasty. Furikake is wonderful sprinkled on many things but it probably is an acquired taste. Many poke bowls feature fresh types of seaweed grown for food.

I don't make poke bowls- they are everywhere here and local folks I work with have their special spots to get their favorites- one is on the other side of the island so anyone going that side has a "shopping list" of poke bowls to bring back. It is the special combo of seasonings that make them favorites.

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