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Menu... savory meditteranean biscotti, peppery cheddar cookies, garlic and herb biscotti. Then

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Posted to Thread #29885 at 9:58 am on Sep 29, 2017

1. Toast in shapes (did star and heart) topped with creme fraiche and caviar
2. Stuffed Bagette with Polish sausage
3. 3 different meatball plates with dressings - raspberry, bbq & peach , and chutney.
4. Aniti pasti skewers - olive, salami,cherry tomato, basil
5. Marinated artichoke hearts
All were in quantities and the first were from here, the polish sausage - I think is Pat's and the chutney meatball sauce was Charley's.
Also we had a huge - I mean coffee table size cheese board with all different cheeses. Sorry I don't have a pic - I shall have to ask if anyone took one.

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