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And made Cuban sandwiches last night with the thinly sliced meat

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Posted to Thread #29889 at 12:58 pm on Oct 1, 2017

I found bakery sandwich buns here in MI that looked close to Cuban bread. They filled the "authentic" piece that has been missing in past attempts. I used a recent find - Aldi's ham - and a few too many Trader Joe's dill pickles that I thinly sliced in a layer instead of as a garnish. And for the first time, gild(ed) the lily with an additional thin layer of Lipari hard salami slices for "Tampa-style," but only on half. I loved the addition - just a bit of an additional boost - but Dh didn't find much difference. Yellow mustard on both insides (next time only on pickle side), and Swiss cheese. Warmed ham on griddle, assembled sandwiches - bottom, pork, salami, swiss, and top, ham, pickles. Closed sandwich and pressed on griddle under cookie sheet topped with Dh's engineered soup pot filled with water. Truly outstanding treat! Next time, less pickles, only 1-side mustard, salami! Colleen

Link: How-to from Miami Versailles

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