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This was a pleasant surprise: *Coconut-Lime Chicken with Slaw* in 30 minutes from ATK

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Posted to Thread #29923 at 5:47 pm on Oct 17, 2017

The title is precise per ATK, but it's actually a tossed salad of napa cabbage with shredded chicken breast topped with mango, cashews, lots of cilantro and a sweet/sour/spicy dressing.

Recipe is from "30-Miinute Suppers" authored by Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen, Summer 2010.

(This is what happens when you FINALLY get time to go through your recipes. You find something from SEVEN YEARS AGO!)

Coconut-Lime Chicen with Cabbage-Mango Slaw
Serves 4

1 C water
3 TBL fish sauce
2 tsp Asian chili-garlic sauce
3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (~18 oz)
5 TBL cream of coconut [see NOTE!]
5 TBL juice from 3 limes
1/2 head Napa cabbages, halved, cored, shredded
1/3 C chopped fresh cilantro
1 mango, pitted, peeled, sliced thin
1/2 C cashews, toasted and chopped

Bring to boil:
1 C water
1 TBL fish sauce
1 tsp chili-garlic sauce

Lower to medium/low heat, add chicken breasts, cover and poach to 160 degrees (10-14 minutes) flipping midway through. Transfer to plate and shred into bite-size pieces.

Whisk cream of coconut, lime juice, 2 TBL fish sauce, 1 tsp chili-garlic sauce.

Toss chicken with 3 TBL of sauce.
Add remaining dressing to slaw, mango and cilantro.
Platter to four dishes, top with chicken and cashews.

Marilyn's Notes:

Look for CREAM OF COCONUT in the booze section of your store. It's used to make pina coladas. You want (really, you do) want the canned stuff that has sugar in it, not the REAL coconut stuff in the Thai aisle of your store. CI recommends GOYA and that's what I used.

You DO NOT WANT "COCONUT CREAM" which is thicken coconut with no sugar.

Taste the sauce after using CI's portions. My limes must have been either really bitter or I have a super sweet tooth, but I needed to add another 2 TBL of cream of coconut. Then the limey/sweetness was perfect for us.

I also took the juicy mango pit and squeezed the pulp for juice right into the coconut/lime sauce. Waste not. Want not.

Even though the chicken is poached in fish sauce and chili sauce, it was pretty bland upon tasting. DO NOT ADJUST until AFTER you have tossed in the dressing and tasted it again. That little bit of limey/sweetness made the chicken perfect.

We're having it again tomorrow.

Oh...I had some Hokkien "ready to eat" stir-fry noodles so I warmed those up in peanut oil and layered them below the salad. Not part of the recipe but it worked.

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