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Haven't worked with the 5 lb. blocks

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Posted to Thread #29928 at 2:40 pm on Oct 21, 2017

of caramel but many years ago I made caramel popcorn using the method at the link with a bag of ready made caramels and it worked fine. Ever since then I've only made caramel from scratch (including at the restaurant where we made big stockpots of it several times a week).

Do you know the source of your block of caramel? If so they may have recommendations for use and/or recipes. The caramel shouldn't be that much different from what comes in a bag but then you never know what ingredients/preservatives they used which might affect the outcome of how you're planning to use it.

Good luck and let us know how you make out. That's a whole lot of caramel. :-)

PS: Do a search on Poppycock here in the archives. I make it almost every Christmas, bag it in festive cellophane bags and give to friends and neighbors. You may be able to adapt and use your block of caramel in that recipe. That Poppycock is good schtuff.


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