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Duck Ragout with Homemade Parpardelle

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Posted to Thread #29934 at 1:31 am on Oct 25, 2017

I've got to type this up before I forget it. I started with Richard's duck recipe, in the link, but only the first cooking. I got some advice from a Facebook friend as well.

After the halved roasted ducks cooled, I tore them up and separated the dark meat in one pile, the breasts in another, and the skin in another. I put the bones and wings in a roasting pan with chopped onions and carrots, and roasted until dark. That all went into the stockpot with water, celery, thyme and some lemon thyme.

I chopped up the skin and baked it in a small dish to render fat and make cracklings.

I made a sauce with more onions and carrots, sauteed in duck fat, the stock, white wine, and roasted garden tomatoes (canned tomatoes would be fine). It was reduced way down. Wow!

I braised some julienne rainbow carrots in a little duck fat, lemon juice, and a speck of grated ginger.

I sauteed peeled shallots in a little duck fat until browned, then added duck stock and braised until caramelized and glazed.

For serving, I reheated the sauce with the dark meat. I reheated the vegetables separately. The breasts got heated up in the sauce, then sliced and set aside.

The cracklings were seasoned with salt, pepper and allspice and went back into the oven on a paper towel to crisp up.

We tossed the noodles with butter and parsley, then set the duck ragout to the side, garnished with breast slices, carrots, shallots, with cracklings on top.


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