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Interesting tip for roasted veggies

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Posted to Thread #29940 at 7:09 pm on Oct 29, 2017

Found this today. Interesting and easy
Roasted veggies are the ultimate one-and-done side dish for dinner. But sometimes, even if you load on the salt and pepper, they can taste a little bland. Here, a trick to bring out the flavor.

What you need: Veggies, a roasting pan and white vinegar.

What you do: Drizzle white vinegar on your carrots and potatoes and cauliflower—whatever veggies you’re planning to serve—before popping your roasting pan in the oven. That’s it!

Why this works: The acidity of the white vinegar actually burns off as everything cooks but simultaneously gives your veggies an extra kick that adds to the depth of the flavor.

Mmm…roasted cauliflower. Thanks to this trick, it’s never tasted so good.

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