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Warning: Epic recipe fail in Mary Berry's "Classic Homecooking"!

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Posted to Thread #29952 at 6:28 pm on Nov 10, 2017

Assisted granddaughter to make her cookies (she always bakes cookies when she comes to visit and I guide and teach). So since Aunt Barb was coming for dinner and she loves shortbread, I suggested she make a batch of shortbread for auntie.

So she's reading off the ingredients 1.25 pounds of butter and adding them to the mixing bowl. 1 cup flour...

Has anyone ever baked butter before? It's not pretty. I had just cleaned the oven and after the molten-lava butter spewing pans of shortbread were finished, the house is filled with smoke, the oven is carbonized disaster.

So upon further inspection of the recipe, the measurements in parenthesis reveal there was 1 lb. too many of butter in the instructions. It should have been a stick of butter to 1 cup flour. Instead of 1 1/4 lbs. of butter, it should have stated 1/4 pound butter.

That is a major failure for a DK published book. I always think of those books being so beautiful and well edited. I love this cookbook, but I've just been drooling over the pictures and this is the first recipe we've attempted. Use caution if you make any of the recipes from this book.

Mary Berry, you are not star baker in our house this week. Please leave the tent.

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