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Michael in Phoenix

Update to my earlier post, regarding cooking for other people. My eldest came to visit...

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Posted to Thread #29992 at 6:54 pm on Nov 27, 2017 and brought two of his roommates. He also directed 2 friends from Houston and a young couple and their one-year-old daughter from California to stay with us over the holiday. We had others from Boston come eat with us as well.

We cooked barbecued ham, Semmelknödel with roast beef and gravy, pasta, corn salad and several German and Swiss cookies and breads throughout the weekend. It was well-received, especially by his friend from Switzerland.

We had an awesome time and the energy in the house was amazing! The guests were from China, Bolivia, Taiwan, and Puerto Rico, so we had some terrific discussions about their various homelands and traditions, and their reactions to how we do things here in the US. Such a great Wednesday through Sunday, and we were very sad to see them go.

Plus, the little one-year-old liked my cooking!

So precious!


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