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Posted to Thread #29988 at 1:43 am on Dec 2, 2017

my local IGA has amazing reductions on meat that is approaching sellby dates (I got some 1-inch T-bones slabs last week for $4/apiece). The roasts and steaks in the mark down are usually half or more off the price of the fresh ground mystery meat, gristle, tendons, and fat.

Also, if you don't want to take the trouble to get the KA out, you can do it the old fashion way and chop it with a knife or cleaver. They still do this in Austria where "hamburger" is called Hackfleisch, "mince" in the UK, etc. It's also the correct way to prepare beefsteak tartar. Just freeze a little, slice thin, and just start hacking at it like Norman Bates. Makes a wonderful meaty textured burger, chopped steak, or meatloaf.

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