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Hot spots on my pride-of-the-kitchen Le Creuset pot - help!

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Posted to Thread #30011 at 9:38 pm on Dec 5, 2017

Every time I cook or brown on the gas stove, there are hot spots that scorch above the heat source and near an edge. It doesn't matter how slowly I heat the pan. I've tried different burners. When on the largest and turned as low as the flame can go, I get that ring. If I put it on the small "simmer" burner, it scorches there.
I called Le Creuset to see if there is a thin pad or something to cover the burner that would even out the heat, but they say no, send it back.
I don't want to give it up yet as the finish is still good and there are no chips, just light staining. It cooks beautifully in the oven. Any ideas?

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