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Well, it's official. I don't like booze in my *previously perfect* fruit cake.

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Posted to Thread #30042 at 5:27 pm on Dec 21, 2017

I tried this traditional dessert for the first time this summer, following Richard's recipe (I think it was the white one) and using only cherries, pineapples and a variety of nuts.

Happily, it's filled with stuff I like and none of the stuff I don't.

I made 6 mini pan-fulls and sampling it a few hours later, found that I LOVED fruitcake! Who knew? This certainly didn't taste like the brick-shaped stuff from the store. The neighbor loved it and blew through two cakes in two days. The library loved it.

Assuming it could only get better, I boozed up the remaining two mini-cakes and then made a second batch in July, covering those in cheesecloth and cognac as well.

Well, I just sampled the June batch. And sadly, it falls into the same culinary category as rum balls, liquor-filled candies and Irish Coffee: too boozy for my personal taste, both on my tongue and the smell.

So I'll be making my next batch booze-free and enjoy it tout de suite.

On the positive side, the booze compresses the cake so that it slices beautifully. And--should the need ever arise--I'm fairly certain I could strike a match to a slice and use it as a starter for my fireplace.

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