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Paul Massell

I made these - sort of

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Posted to Thread #30030 at 11:18 pm on Dec 26, 2017

I did the almond/pecan mix. Next time I will pay better attention. In a rush and suffering through a toothache, missed the 1/4 inch thick detail and I did a little different using a mini muffin pan for some and then I made the rest "a little" thicker in a flat pan.

The result was that those in the mini muffin pan I thought I burned because they were bubbling like crazy in the oven. I took them out quickly and once they settled, came out dark. I thought they were ruined but once they cooled down there was ZERO burn flavor. They just darkened and were really nice. Crunchy to start but not overly hard and then kind of melt in your mouth. Addictive once you got started.

The rest were about 3/4 inch and they ended up a lot lighter in color and slightly gooey. The flavor was different but good in both cases. I actually preferred the darker but both good.

Nice and fairly easy recipe. Thank you. I will likely do this one again next year.

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