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Posted to Thread #30066 at 4:36 am on Jan 4, 2018

I shared this with Cathy last week about how out of control I've been:


I chopped up 3 t-bones from the discount bin into mince. Stirred in sautéed garlic, mushrooms, and onions, some Henry Bain Sauce, eggs, cream and patted out to a rectangle. Sprinkle with crumbled Stilton, arrange smoked oysters, roll up.

Roll puff pastry into a size to wrap the finished stuffed t-bone roll. Spread pate over the surface of the pastry, put the t-bone roll on the pastry and wrap the pastry up and around. Bake. Oink.

Tonight is Julia’s Bifteck (I pulled out 4 1-lb. Porterhouse Steaks from the discount bin for $4/each!!!!) Saute au Buerre with cognac butter pan sauce, deep-fried beer-battered butterflied shrimp, Julia’s Sauteed Potatoes, avocado salads, Manhattans.

For Christmas we went out for the most expensive dinner of our life ($650.). We had full caviar course with champagne. We don't live in Manhattan with the $2-3,000 chef table "SUPPLEMENT" dinners and we don't need to be robbed that way. We'll be in NYC in May and I guarantee you I will be out in the native spots dining like a god, and not being robbed by the <sigh> NYC three-stars.

New York Times is doing an amazing job describing the local immigrant food and where to find it.

But what I want to know: Where can I find the old-school NYC 70's cold sesame noodles? I've looked for them in previous trips to NYC, but I can't find them. Are there any places still serving them?

I really miss those days.

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