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Paul Massell

Is the Instant Pot magical ?

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Posted to Thread #30068 at 6:48 pm on Jan 4, 2018

Excuse me for getting wordy here but I was really impressed with the results.

So I got the Instant Pot at Kohl's thanks to heads up deal from colleenmomof2. Nice too because my wife had fun shopping last night with the Kohl's cash and rewards from shopping. I definitely feel it is an upgrade over the Power Pressure Cooker XL. Among other things I've made rice several times. Every time it has come out perfect even when I've fiddled with the time.

Last night however I did something different. Instead of water I used a garlic ginger sauce with some added water to make the rice. My daughter had bought chicken and I thought it was drumsticks but it was frozen. So I went looking for a recipe that I could use for frozen drumsticks and came up with the one linked. When I got to the chicken it turned out to actually be thighs. I thought about it (briefly) and did the recipe anyway.

The chicken was awesome but that is not the point here.

When I ran the rice in the Instant Pot using the remaining sauce with a little added water, the rice was not done at all so I reset it and started it again. This time however the rice ran for an extended period of time and the display said "Auto" It ran for over 1/2 hour-45 minutes like this which is way longer than it normally takes for rice. I thought it was not working properly and didn't expect it to ever actually finish. My kids asked several times if it was ready and I was annoyed that my rice was a fail and fully expected to find a mushy mess when I opened the thing up. But then my son comes to me and says the rice was done and could he have some? So I went to check and it actually was done.

The weird thing was when it finally finished the rice WAS perfect except for the bottom which was a little burnt. (not burnt enough to taint the flavor of the rest of the rice). It wasn't even sticky as you might expect from those ingredients in the sauce (honey / sugar) and was not mushy.

I was really impressed. I guess it has some sort of sensor and can figure out when rice is properly done?

Link: Incredible Instant Pot Ginger Garlic Drumsticks

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