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Posted to Thread #30068 at 8:13 pm on Jan 5, 2018

Magical Instant Pot has not been my experience :( I'm batting about 50% "perfect." My rice, eggs, meat, and veggies are ending up either overcooked or under. I have my 4th batch of hardboiled eggs in ice - hopefully perfect this time ;) Putting pumpkin custards in - successful last time. Then bone soup - always good (not so dependent on perfect pressure/time setting). Ended up with too much minestrone in the pot to pressure cook and then couldn't get the right Saute setting (low to high), with it boiling at times - beans undercooked and veggies over. Still tasty but had to watch it - my fault. Looking forward to fish tacos tomorrow - last 2 attempts from frozen were tasty but fish was overcooked. Playing with 1 minute time differences ;)

I've never pressure cooked before - my mom was afraid - so I am learning. For the two of us, the 6 quart Instant Pot has been a wonderful addition. I'll get better with practice. Colleen

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