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My father-in-law, who is an excellent cook (and happens to be Filipino as well) adds...(m)

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Posted to Thread #361 at 4:00 am on Jan 9, 2006

two or three tablespoons of store-bought barbeque sauce to his adobo. Any tomato-based, smokey barbeque sauce will do.

It should be little enough to act as a background flavor. In fact, my wife finally asked her Dad why his adobo tastes so much better than any of the other adobo made by relatives. This was his answer. It was not detectable, but added a dimension that was clearly distinct.

He doesn't use a 'recipe', but cooks from experience. I'm sure his dish is much like this one. Most cooks use similar recipes.

I love Filipino adobo. It's one of my favorite dishes from my wife's side of the family.


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