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Where did I go wrong (and it wasn't the dough - lol)

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Posted to Thread #30072 at 8:29 pm on Jan 5, 2018

I did not end up with pull apart monkey bread covered in sugar/cinnamon - more like a cake (you can see breaks in the dough from the balls but not a lot of definition) with barely any cinnamon sugar.

I know what the problem is sorta.......

I ended up using only about half the butter and half the sugar/cinn mixture. The dough was completely covered butter and had a good covering of the topping (I wouldn't have known how to add more) but there was almost no buttery/cinnamon taste in the cooked product.

I'm thinking that traditional recipes have you take the dough balls and dipped them in butter and then in the cinnamon sugar. Recipes may call for a sugary glaze to pour over before it goes in the oven. This one just had a caramel sauce to serve with it.

I'll make the dough again and make rolls out of it but I won't attempt this recipe again.

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