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Posted to Thread #30068 at 12:40 am on Jan 6, 2018

I have not tried eggs. For veggies I learned my lesson in the Power Pressure Cooker. All of my initial attempts were way overcooked so I started cutting any vegetables extra large if they were going in the pressure cooker. Even then I put some bagged organic veggies from Costco in the Instant Pot a few nights ago and they were good but a little overcooked.

The vast majority of my use of the pressure cooker(s) has been for:

rice & rice dishes like Spanish rice, beans, bone broth & stocks

The beans I do with pretty much 100% success rate by going high pressure for 1 1/2 - 2 hours. These are non-pre-soaked, dried beans. I usually do them in some sort of broth or stock and not straight water. I really like adding tomatoes which end up as a sort of gravy. I use the La Victoria salsa for this because it is a fairly neutral salsa in terms of spices i.e. not full of cumin or other such and just has vegetable ingredients and no "natural flavors" or other garbage. For beans I also add a healthy amount of vinegar

Right now I have a freezer full of bones and broths that I've made in the pressure cooker and pull them out for beans or other purposes.

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