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Posted to Thread #30085 at 10:34 pm on Jan 11, 2018

I used a turkey stock instead of chicken because I have several of these in my freezer and they need to get used.

I used the saute setting for the initial step. Then pressure next. I did not wait for natural release. After opening I used the stick blender right in the pot then added the remaining ingredients at the end and again used the saute setting after adding the milk to get it heated through - careful not to boil.

It came out nice. I expect it will be "very nice" next time but in this case I bought this big tin jug of Kadoya Sesame Oil from Japan but the flavor is really strong. It has an almost smoky quality. It kind of overpowered the other flavors so next time I'll either use a different sesame oil or just use a small fraction and maybe cut it with peanut oil since it also has peanut butter.

I also got to wondering if you could substitute Szechwan peppercorns in place of red pepper flakes and I think I will try that next time I make it. Thank you for the recipe recommendation as I will definitely be doing this more.

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