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Can someone describe what *baked Amish oatmeal* is supposed to taste like??

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Posted to Thread #30090 at 6:11 pm on Jan 14, 2018

Yesterday, when TCFH (The Cold From Hell) abated long enough for me to try and eat something other than chicken broth or potato chips, I made Smitten Kitchen's Caramelize Pears in Baked Oatmeal. The photo is amazing.

Mine, on the other hand, looked pale and insipid.

But the deal breaker was the oatmeal portion. Now I loved cooked oatmeal and I also love raw muesli (is that redundant?). Anyway, it's raw oats soaked with apple juice and other stuff topping it. I can do chewy. I actually LIKE chewy in this instance.

But this recipe coats the oats with something resembling a French toast batter: milk beaten with eggs and melted butter. But no sugar because a boatload is used to caramelized the pears and then more sugar is used to sweeten the heavy cream topping.

End result. The pears are amazing, but the oats were blandly chewy...and not in a happy chewy way. I ended up picking out the pear portions and ignoring the oats.

That seemed a real shame considering the time and ingredients it took to put this together.

So I'm asking you, the viewing audience. What kind of texture is Baked Amish Oatmeal supposed to have. Should it have been soaked overnight so that it was softer? Or is this what it is? Cause I really can't get on board with this. I'm going back to muesli and add caramelized pears to it.

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