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Richard in Cincy

My $.02 worth, and as one who grew up on a farm near one of the Ohio Amish compounds...

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Posted to Thread #30090 at 1:44 am on Jan 15, 2018

Amish wouldn't do something so fussy. They'd cook their oatmeal and eat it the way we've always cooked oatmeal.

However, Amish sells. So my guess is some person bored with their food thought they'd bake their oatmeal and now they're trying to "sell" it as the latest food craze.

Slap the Amish on it. People immediately think old-fashioned, wholesome, and healthy.

The same way French, German, Authentic, etc. get slapped on other American creations to give them authenticity, and to sell them.

Slap German on your apple cake! Poof! It's an old-world classic even though no one in Germany would recognize it.


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